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Golf Lesson: Short Lofted Shot Over A Greenside Bunker
By Jim Neff

Top Teacher: This issue's tip is by Ina Davis, PGA Teaching Professional at Matheson Greens near Northport. Ms. Davis was an assistant pro at McGuire's in Cadillac for three years, co-owner of the Hack Shack in Traverse City for four years, and was the golf professional for five years at West Branch Country Club. She has been at Matheson Greens for four years.

For more information about Matheson Greens, call 1-800-443-6883 or visit their website at http://www.michiweb.com/golf/matheson/.

Lesson: The first step is to avoid thinking about the bunker and focus on the spot where you want the ball to land. Picture the ball landing on the green and rolling up next to the pin.

Use your sand wedge or lob wedge (or your most lofted club). Set up with your weight on your left foot (for right-handed players) and hands ahead of the ball (off your left thigh). Take the club back and through the same distance. Use your arms and shoulders, keeping the wrists and hands very quiet. Make sure you hit down and through.

Let the loft of the club get the ball up in the air. To make the ball go up, you have to swing down. Shots that end up in the bunker are done with swings that are trying to lift the ball up. Remember_you need to swing down and through.

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