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SignaTour™: Is it an Alternative for GPS?
by Art McCafferty

The folks from Azurus would like to think so. After Don VanderVeen did such a great job in discussing GPS systems in our April/May issue we discovered, in our Canadian travels this summer, the SignaTour™ automated golf course guide system. Although not a GPS system we know that golf courses are becoming increasingly interested in golf course guide systems.

SignaTour™, a product of Azurus Inc., mounts easily and serves as a dashboard for any powered golf cart. The unit scrolls allowing for a hole by hole display of the course. The SignaTour™ guide system serves a dual purpose of providing golfers with pertinent play information while simultaneously allowing advertisers and the course itself to display their perspective messages. The idea is to have the golfing customers pay for the system for the courses.

"We are happy with the response we have been getting from many of the golf course owners and managers we have visited," said Chris Gilliam, a member of the SignaTour™ marketing team. "Our research tells us that once we have the systems being used, we are sure that positive golfer feedback will create additional interest."

Azurus Incorporated was formed in January, 1997 after having applied for the patent, explains the director Dino Villalta. The sales and marketing group consists of Chris Gilliam, Shane McGuire and Kai Friis.

"The idea for SignaTour™ evolved over a period of time and was sparked by a common interest in golf and oftentimes the inability to find appropriate yardage and professional guide information on many courses. We also discovered that even though GPS was the newest rage it was quite elaborate and expensive. With this information we researched even further to find the price of GPS restricted it's use to only a very small percentage of high-end courses that could afford these high tech systems. It was at this point we decided to develop our unit with the intent of making an affordable less complicated guide system that the vast majority of golf courses could attain," said Dino Villalta. "We feel that we have a product with balanced technology. In essence we found a simple solution that meets real market and customer needs."

Azurus feels that the exchange rate will allow them to get a foothold in Michigan and U.S. markets. If the course owners are interested they can contact them at 1-888-743-TOUR or e-mail them at azurus@mnsi.net

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