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Hill Billy Gets High Marks

If you like to walk but would prefer not to lug your bag, then a powered pull cart is a nifty compromise. One of the best powered carts or trolleys, as they say in Britain, is the British-made Hill Billy that is now being offered via direct customer response from a U.S. distributor. Basically, the Hill Billy fits the bill for essential features: it's light, sturdy, user-friendly, and with a dependable, lightweight battery that has plenty of pep.

First, I like the steel frame and how its moving parts are sealed from the elements (Those Brits know about rain!) Other powered carts often are made with too much plastic that just doesn't hold up under normal wear. Secondly, it's easy to use. There's a simple yet effective control knob on the handle that gauges the speed of the cart. With the optional three-wheel model, the Hill Billy can nicely roll ahead of its master at a even, no-hands-on-the-dial-pace.

Another plus for the Hill Billy is its quiet performance. Your playing partners will not be bothered by any intrusive noise. It's quieter than say its ClubRunner or Minn-Kota competitors. Most importantly, it's proven after several tryouts over some undulating layouts, it has very good power. The key here is the dependable 12 volt battery, that is sealed, maintenance free and valve regulated. Every unit comes with a small charger that is microprocessor controlled. So far, after repeated overnight charges, the Hill Billy has performed every time for next day 18-hole usage.

The Hill Billy is easy to transport and folds up neatly into most car trunks. There's even a quick-release mechanism on the wheels. So, all in all using and transporting the unit is most agreeable. The only improvement I would like to see is having a wider base to hold one's bag. Currently, there's a t-shape base that holds the bottom of the bag in place. Some lightweight nylon carry bags without much "frame" tend to slide off this base. However, with most frames with harder tops and bottoms, the bags stayed in place on the Hill Billy. But the unit performs so well, it's worth it to find the right bag for the trolley.

The Hill Billy comes in both two and three-wheel options and in several colors. The retail price for the two-wheel model (with battery and charger) starts at a reasonable $395. Add $44 more for the preferred, in my opinion, three-wheel model. There's a 12 month product guarantee and a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Considering the Brits long experience and affinity for trolleys, I should've known that they'd export a fine product. Good to know that it's available now in the colonies.

The Hill Billy may be purchased via direct mail and all orders are shipped within a day. Call toll-free 1-888-682-7757. Or check its web site at www.hillbillyusa.com

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