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Cy Davis: Mr. 1162

To Cy Davis, Branch Manager for Club Car of Michigan, the number 1162 will always be memorable. You see, back in March Cy Davis was the 1162nd person in the nation who successfully underwent surgery for the removal of his esophagus. "Before surgery, I told my doctor (Dr. Mark Orringer) that I wanted to speak first to patients number one to 10," quipped Davis.

Davis first learned he needed such major surgery last December after a routine stomach exam and biopsy detected cancerous cells. As fate would have it, Davis was hit with the hard news via a call from his doctor on his car phone. "We were playing phone tag and it just happened that he reached me while I was driving," said Davis. "I must've have turned ashen white; but luckily I wasn't driving by myself."

To see if he was a candidate for this specialized surgery, Davis was placed on a special diet and exercise regimen. "I started walking 3-4 miles a day in January to build up my stamina," said Davis. The surgery, at U of M Hospital, lasted almost five hours. The incision left a scar that is truly noteworthy, mindful of 1-75 on the Michigan road map. "I'm thankful I had a doctor who was so totally dedicated and skillful," said Davis who has regained three pounds after losing 26 following the surgery.

Davis says he was also thankful for the number of get-well cards and letters he received from the Michigan golf industry. "There are so many thoughtful people in this industry." Although more slender in build, Davis is on the mend and coping with new eating habits. "I eat more often and in smaller portions," said Davis. And most importantly, he's cancer free. Now, that's the sort of news you want to learn on your car phone!

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