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U of M’s Lloyd Carr

Football has taken Lloyd Carr from the Orange Bowl to the Rose Bowl. Not bad. But golf has taken him from the Lilac Brothers 27-hole golf course in downriver Detroit to Amen Corner at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Well, maybe football had a little to do with that as well. Carr’s main game after all is played Saturdays at University of Michigan Stadium and in five years as head coach he has a 49-13 record, a shared national championship and Rose, Orange and Citrus Bowl victories. But the Wolverine’s head coach loves that game with the little round white ball too.

I started playing the summer after I got into college. My mother worked as a hairdresser at the Hudson’s store in downtown Detroit and I bought a set of Sam Snead Signature clubs with the reminder grip right off the floor. I got a 20 percent discount because of my mother and they cost $149. That was in 1963.

I played baseball in high school and college but I went out and played golf every chance I got. I played the Downriver courses, the Lilac Brothers course is one I played.

I kept playing when I got into coaching but didn’t have a great deal of time. When I coached at Illinois we had access to the university course and it’s here at Michigan that I really grew to love the game. I play at the U. of M. Golf Course and Radrick Farms. They’re two great courses and they’re my favorites.

Lloyd Carr

Best score: An 82 on the U. of M. Golf Course — not from the back tees, from the whites.

What clubs do you play: I have a set of Hogan Medallions. I also have a set of Wilson forged irons but those clubs aren’t for the high handicapper.

Your favorite club: I like to hit the driver and fairway woods.

Strongest part of your game: I don’t have a strong part...I just love to play.

Weakest part of your game: I have a lot of weak parts — I’m inconsistent with long irons.

Favorite playing partners: I normally play every Sunday afternoon with my wife, Laurie, at Radrick Farms. She loves to play too.

Favorite courses: U. of M. Golf Course and Radrick Farms. Last summer Laurie and I played Crystal Downs. It was raining but Laurie played well. I’ve played Bay Harbor once and I play Oakland Hills every year in the tournament Joe Falls puts together for the Special Olympics. I’ve played some wonderful old traditional courses, Detroit Golf Club, Grosse Ile, Jackson Country Club and Tam O’Shanter. Terry Barr belongs to Bloomfield Hills and I played with Terry, Joe Schmidt and Tom Maentz. About five years ago we vacationed in Linville, N.C., where Bob Griese has a place. We stayed at the Eseeola Lodge and played Linville Golf Club three times. It’s very, very old (editors note: designed by Donald Ross) and it’s a gem.

Biggest thrill: I’ve played the Augusta National twice. The first time, on the first tee, I could hardly get the club back. I was intimidated the whole round. But I played much better the second time and played as well as I could ever hope to play. This is my claim to fame: I parred 11, 12 and 13! Unbelievable! On successive days I played Augusta and East Lake Country Club in Atlanta, Bobby Jones home course. It was tremendous.

Best tip: I don’t have time to practice and I read where someone said I’m not good enough to get mad when I hit a bad shot. That thought has helped me realize my limitations. And I read where a pro said that every time you hit a bad shot, you say to yourself that you still have to love being out there. Those two things have helped me develop an attitude that bad shots are part of the game so just enjoy every single time you get the opportunity to play.

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