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Threetops atTreetops
by Bernice Phillips

This is but one of the nine spectacular 9 holes on Threetops, that the foursome of Jack Nicklaus, Ray Floyd, Phil Mickelson and Lee Janzen took on in their two day shootout.

It was the best of times and worst of times for the Gaylord Golf Mecca this year. On the down side was the untimely passing of Harry Melling. See Terry Moore's article in our July issue. On the up side was an event that Harry helped to bring to fruition, the ESPN Par 3 Shootout at Treetops.

According to Tom Lytle, Marketing Manager of Treetops Resorts, the phones are still ringing. "It was maddening for a couple of weeks after the show. Our phones just lit up." A great deal of that phone traffic centered around one of the rising stars on the golf course scene, Threetops, Rick Smith's first course design.

We will have more on the Treetops Shootout in upcoming issues of the MG.

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