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Online Registration Programs Heat Up
by Bernice Phillips

Pictured here are Rick Friederich, Vice President of Sales for TeeMaster and Glenn Pulice, Market Manager of Michigan. The TeeMaster site in Michigan is now listed under http://www.teeitupmichigan.com

The race is on to sign up Michigan's golf courses for online registration. The major Michigan Player are TeeMaster www.teemaster.com, highlighted in Jim Neff's fine article, "Managing The Michigan Golf Maze On The Web", GolfeNetwork, the firm that is putting up the Detroit Metropolitan area headed up by Don Jagoda was featured in our article about "Metro-Detroit is Getting Serious About Golf" - in our September-October Issue.

A third player in Michigan is http://www.linkstime.com They have signed up Larry Bowden of the Natural at have been doing quite well in other states.

Others that are starting to look at the Michigan market are Select Tee Times, Fore America, Book4 Golf, Golf Gateway. Incidentally, Rick Smith just signed with Gateway Golf for online lessons.

What does all of this mean? Stay tuned as the Michigan Golfer updates this story in our May Issue.

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