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Brentwood Golf and Country Club
by Art McCafferty

Brentwood Golf and Country Club is an Oakland County residential golf community built by partners Steve Chaplin and Ray Leduc. In addition, they are in the midst of developing another golf community, Beacon Hill, which is a couple of par five's from Brentwood.

Brentwood measures 6,054 yards and is nestled on rolling terrain with abundant water and wetlands on 10 of its holes. With the exception of some intrusive power lines, the course is pleasant to the eye and features some interesting stone work on a couple of the holes.

Brentwood is user-friendly and as such, moves golfers through the 18 holes quickly. There are many par fours that will make long hitters feel like they have hit a Tiger Woods drive, as they will have wedges or nine irons into the greens. Two of the par 5's are under 500 and two are over. The longest of their par three's is 171 yards. The course, because of its length, is a favorite of area women.

Brentwood has hired Pat Sullivan, a golf professional that has nine championships under her belt, to be their Director of Golf. Pat has spent most of her golf life in Michigan and Colorado and is a true student of the game. Tom Blythe, the General Manager, rounds out the on-site team. Blythe indicated that the course will be tweaked a little this year. They want to add some length to a couple of holes and toughen up others. Tom also indicated that their 12,000 sq. ft. clubhouse has been a real hit in the community as it attracts a variety of golf and non golf functions.

Overall, Brentwood is a nice friendly course that gives the golfer both some value and a chance to turn in a low score.

For information and tee times call 810-684-2662

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