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Michigan Golfer Magazine
July 1997 Issue

From The Editor
- Terry Moore

1997 Ford Senior Players
- by Jack Berry

Stockton Takes Checkered Flag at Ford Test Track
- by Jack Berry

Car & Driver: Pile on the Pylons
- Terry Moore

Fairways & Greens
- by Terry Moore

- by Dr. Deborah Graham

Champions' Profile: Fossum & Reynolds
- by Jack Saylor

Lorrie Viola brings 'L.A.' to Michigan
- by Susan Bairley

Senior Golf
- by Ken Tabacsko

Golf Real Estate: At home on the golf course
Garten Haus Estates

Dozer Doug: Tops in golf course construction
- by Terry Jacoby

A Lesson Of A Lifetime
- by Terry Moore

Islands, Peninsulas, Bridges, Lakes and Golf
- by Art McCafferty

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Golf Show '97

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