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This year, the Michigan Golfer will allow various golf groups and associations an opportunity to highlight their goals and activities. First up is the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association. The following an excerpt from President John Dodge's Year in Review column to fellow MGCOA members.
by John Dodge

We've come a long way. Two years ago the Association barely represented 90 golf courses. I'm happy to report that we've ended the year with 143 courses and vendor companies. Our goal for next year is to add another 16% to the membership.

Two years ago we could barely scrape together 15 to 20 attendees at our "Regional Meetings." This year we changed the format and re-named the meetings to "Educational Workshops." We invited every golf course in the state to attend, not just those in the meeting area. Our timely topics and informative speakers brought in 40-65 attendees at all three workshops this year.

Two years ago we also made the decision to join forces with the National Golf Course Owners Association. From that point on, golf courses could join one association and automatically become a member of the other. Dual membership with the NGCOA offered valuable benefits, such as their group purchasing program, and has helped to attract new members.

This year we've also seen remarkable growth in our two endorsed programs, designed to save you money. The Kapnick Insurance Program is in its second successful year. Since we renegotiated lower rates with Michigan Bankard, our credit card processing program now has 33 participants, doubling the number in just five months.

We've also blossomed legislatively. Last year we created our own Political Action Committee to support pro-business candidates. For the first time ever, the MGCOA has a presence at the Capitol.

The MGCOA has also been blessed with the support of the Scott family. Jim Scott and the Scott family of Gull Lake View Golf Club have pledged $10,000 for the next three years to help launch an educational support foundation. In appreciation of their generosity, we have named this new branch of the Association the "MGCOA Scott Family Educational Support Foundation."

The primary objective of the foundation will be the continuing education and professional growth, not just of students who someday want to own a golf course, but for our members who battle now on a daily basis to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. Over the next few months the MGCOA will be exploring steps the foundation can take to help us all be more successful.

I am proud of our success these past two years. We've come a long way, and with the continued support of our membership and Board of Directors, I see an even brighter future for the golf industry.

John Dodge is one of the owners behind Timber Ridge, El Dorado, The Majestic, and Hawk Hallow golf courses.

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