August 2000 Issue Issue

From the Editor - Terry Moore

Michigan Golf History 1981-1990 - byArt McCafferty

Michigan Golfer Magazine
August 2000 Issue

Shanty Creek’s The Legend and Cedar River to host Michigan PGA Championship - byGreg Johnson

Sandy Ridge: More Than You Bargain For - byMike Duff

Nothing Weak About PGA Championship - byJack Berry

Olds Classic Changes Orgamozational Structure - byTerry Fitzwater

Shopping the Internet for Michigan Golf Real Estate - byJim Neff

Oldsmobile Classic title was Dottie pepper’s 16th

Want Longer Drives? Become a “Launch Angle Lab Rat” - byJohn Bebow

Q & A with Christy O’Connor

Buick’s 10 Most Memorable Players - byJack Saylor

Living a Dream: Playing in the Buick - byRick Arpin

Win at 'Buick Open Energized Pernice's Career

On The PGA Tour: Buha makes minor swing changes in search of Tour success

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