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On The PGA Tour: Buha makes minor swing changes in search of Tour success

Jason Buha, the newest Michigan golfer to join the PGA Tour, has been keeping a journal for Michigan Golfer, relating events and experiences of his first year on Tour. Here is the latest of his journal entries.

The Tour has been in full swing for about four months now and I still haven't seen the results that I expect from my game. I have been working hard on my swing to make a few changes that I know will pay off in the long run. As a result of working so hard on my swing I think that I let my short game slide a little bit. Now that I feel comfortable with the changes that I have made to my golf swing I have been able to concentrate more on my short game, and especially my putting.

I started putting much better over the last couple of weeks. A top-20 finish in the Buy.com Richmond Open was a step in the right direction after a month of struggling on the greens. It was a big step for my confidence. I finally saw my putting returning to the form that I am accustomed to.

I really look forward to the next few months. The tour is moving to the Midwest for much of the rest of the summer which will put me back on the kind of courses that I think I thrive on. That, along with the fact that I have always seemed to peak in mid- to late summer should make for an exciting few months. Hopefully that will put my game in good shape to win when I make a return to my home state for the Buick Open.

I know that the season is really getting going in Michigan right now so I wish you all the best - and great golfing this summer.

Jason Buha

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